MBBS in China 2023 | March intake Universities | Fee Structure 2023

MBBS in China 2023 | March intake Universities | Fee Structure 2023

 March intake Universities in China 2023, MBBS in China

March intake universities in China 2023 list is as below for MBBS;

  • Guangzhou Medical University.
  • Sichuan University – (West).
  • Kunming Medical University.
  • Hainan Medical University (Bilingual).
  • North China University of Science & Technology (Bilingual).
  • Zhengzhou University.

MBBS in China March intake 2023 » Eligibility & Requirements:

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) admission seekers potential students are required to fulfill the following criteria is that;

Chinese Govt  Medical Universities allows the pre-medical students of age not less then 18 years old. While students  should have completed  intermediate/ 12-grade of education keeping  good grades. Moreover, Students must keep excellent grades in English & Science subjects e.g Physics, Chemistry, Biology in Senior High School (HSSC).

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2022

MBBS in China March intake 2023 » Eligibility Criteria

Last Date to apply (March/ Spring intake)10th March
Eligibility CriteriaInter/ HSSC (Min 60%)
HSK required (for non-listed only)HSK-3 or HSK-4
English ProficiencyNIL
Medium of InstructionsBilingual – Chinese & English ; (Only MOE – Listed Universities can offer direct English Medium MBBS)
Low-Cost MBBS tuition + Hostel (Per Year)3570 USD
Living & Food Costs150$ – 200$ per Month
Dormitories (Hostels)Separate for girls & Located inside the Campus
MBBS (Clinical Medicine) Duration5+1 Years
MBBS in China Age Limit18 years – 25 Years

hainan-medical-university-mbbsMBBS in China March intake 2023 has been started, many govt. universities bilingual as well as direct English medium admission opened. All the potential medical students must ready your documents and Contact MBBS in China March intake 2020to apply as soon as possible at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., since 1991

 MBBS Low /Average Cost, Admissions Opened 2023


MBBS in China March intake

NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., since 1991, offering top-rated, best-experienced Chinese Medical Universities to international students we well as Pakistani nationals. The offered syllabus is W.H.O. Recognized and accepted by PMDC in Pakistan, while it’s also approved by global medical councils for different countries. Whereas MBBS / Clinical Medicine studies’ medium of instruction is English. Many of the Chinese Govt. Universities offering MBBS in China for March intake. The potential medical students can apply as soon as possible, and a list of the universes will be included as well.

There are a few Government Universities in China offering March/Spring as well as Fall/Sep Admissions for MBBS. Whereas many Universities offering MBBS in March Intake have closed their admissions, while a few best of them offering, available to accept students. Must apply by filling out the given Online Admission Form to get an offer. Many Universities also opened admission for September 2022 intake, all the potential medical students applying for the March intake must consider September too as this year not many seats are available to any particular nationality. The rate of international student applications from all over the world is rapidly increasing ultimately limiting the number of seats per nationality. Must ready all the required documents and apply online for March/Spring or Fall/Sep intakes to secure your seats for 2021.

MBBS in China March/April 2022 Intake – Update

There are too many Bilingual Universities that returned back to Chines Medium for Instruction for MBBS Program, last year many were already informed of this ambiguity about a few universities, but many students joined and now returned back even not allowed to stay there to join another / migrate to other universities i.e., it happened in Taishan Medical University. March 2022 intake admission opened now, for to get updated must contact by WhatsApp Click

Apply Online MBBS China

Please apply by filling out the details below.

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Last Date: Up to Availability of Seats

🎓 Bilingual (1st Year Foundation of Language then MBBS in English Medium) F.Sc Pre-Medical mini 60% / all are Average Cost Universities
🎓 Direct English Medium Req. F.Sc Pre-Medical mini 70%, all are High Cost Universities
🏦 Consultancy Fee can be paid By Bank/MobiCash/EasyPesa/Visit; WhatsApp Help : Click
❗ Online Application will be processed only after paying consultancy fee
💯 Admission ✓

About You

How would you like to be contacted?

Upload Scanned Copies of Your Documents

Maximum size 10MB. IMG, JPEG, JPG only please

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How To Apply For MBBS In China March Intake?

NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., is recommend for to advise and gesture you a secure and excellent prospective university for your MBBS studies in China for Pakistani Students
Duration: 5 Years Study + 1 Year Internship
Medium of Instruction: Bilingual / English,

Universities: W.H.O Recognized, MOE Registered, PMDC Accepted
Eligibility: F.Sc (Pre-medical) / Inter / 12 Grade / A-Levels
Enrollment: Spring/ March 2023
Admission Office: 03004700092 / 042-36370566,
To Apply Admission Must fill the following form, for to hire consultancy WhatsApp Help : Click



MBBS in China March intake 2023 Facts;

  • MBBS in China March intake universities taking students till the end of Feb 2023
  • MBBS in China March intake seats are limited because very few universities offer admissions. 
  • MBBS in China’s March intake considered the 2023 session while by joining September, it’s the same session as 2023.
  • MBBS in China March intake classes commencement is at the End of March 
  • MBBS in China March intake offering mostly by Bilingual Universities 


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MBBS in China for Pakistani Students [Entire Guide]


MBBS in China Fee Structure for Pakistani Students 2023

  • English Medium Universities (MOE-Listed) have an average cost of PKR 13 – 15 Lakh yearly. Generally, it’s important to note that the fee structure may vary among the different universities. [Recommnded]

  • The annual cost of pursuing an MBBS degree in China at Chinese Medium (Bilingual) Universities ranges from PKR 8 to 10 Lakh This includes tuition and hostel expenses.  [NOT Recommnded]


MBBS in China for Pakistani Students Facts;

  • Bilingual / Chinese medium universities cannot offer MBBS degree programs and can only offer Bachelor of Medicine.

  • MOE Listed/English Medium Universities are legally authorized by the Ministry of China to offer MBBS degree programs to foreign students.

  • Students are often deceived by just seeing the advertisements and getting admission by choosing the wrong university and the consequences of which they have to go to China. And after one year they start looking for migration.

MBBS in China Admissions Opened in 2023

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students Admissions are Opened in the Recommended Govt. Medical Universities in China at Guangzhou Medical University, Sichuan University (West), Kunming Medical University, Beihua University, and Harbin Medical University for 2023. These are the ranked and Best English Medium Universities in China. All are PMC Listed-A and MOE Listed. Apply for MBBS in Medical Universities in China, under NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

The MBBS program in China spans 6 years on average, incorporating a year of internship. Successful completion leads to a degree and immediate medical practice rights globally. Pakistani students can pursue medical careers all over the world, once they qualify for their MBBS studies.

MBBS in China 2023 – Features, Updates & Recommendations

Admissions opened for Sep/Fall intake in Chinese Medical Universities for Medicine Studies (MBBS). Most bilingual universes returned to the Chinese Medium of instruction while a few still offer medicine classes in English after a foundation (HSK4) Course, which must be carefully applied there.

Entire direct English medium universities for fall intake taking admissions application. Must be ready with all the required documents to secure your seat in a desired potential university as soon as possible. We’re here For prompt assistance.

We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.,  have been serving 1991, prospective students seeking medical studies from China. Entire core information regarding the same has been published on this website, and we always keep it up to date. We welcome you to offer our experienced-based services at an optimum level.

Muhammad Altaf Gohar
WhatsApp : 03004700092

MBBS in China 2023-2024:-

Entire Chinese universities offering MBBS either in English medium or bilingual are under inspection by the Ministry of Education (MOE) China. The universities that are eligible to offer MBBS to international students will be finalized and announced, while at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., all registered students will be informed and offered to process admissions there. 

Don’t get admission to any Chinese university without knowing updated valid information to secure your feature. Don’t follow the Seasonal Consultants who just want business and have neither experience nor past in the counseling profession.

Also don’t trust just Social Media Contacts/Friends/ Students who offer admission services, as in the past lot of students lost their future only due to this sort of no-professional approach. Every year Many prospective students for MBBS in China are guided by students-consultants (prospective doctors) studying in Chinese universities, They try to convince the potential students of only one university where they are studying, whereas they hide the reality and minimize the perspectives & scope of a variety of other institutions.

NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., working since 1991, offers admission services for all the best universities that offer MBBS programs suitable for Pakistani students, and knows the pros & cons of foreign studies, especially studying in China. Get served best by registering yourself at NICE, even if you’re a 2nd-year student, you may contact us 

Study MBBS in China features:-

  • There are two types of universities offering MBBS in China, Listed & non-listed.
  • Listed medical universities offer MBBS directly in English medium, while non-listed offer in bi-lingual, Chinese Language Foundation year then MBBS in English medium for Foreigner Students.
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical /or A- Levels qualified students can apply for MBBS in Chinese medical Universities that keep a minimum mark of 60%.
  • Age limits for MBBS in China are between 18 and 24, but China Medical University, Jiangsu University, and some other universities can extend it to 26 years old.
  • MBBS Degree acquired from a Chinese university is recognized worldwide as it is offered under the WHO
  • You can still apply for admission if you are waiting for the 2nd-year result, just to keep your place at your desired University *
  • Low-Cost University studies ( 5 years studies + One-year Internship), 6-Years Total studies Expenses Ranges, Approx. Rs.45,00,000/-
  • Average Cost in Bilingual Universities for MBBS Studies in China ( 5 years studies + One-year Internship), 5 Years Total studies Exp. Ranges Approx; Rs.45,00,000/- to Rs. 50,00,000/-
  • No entry test required
  • University Fee is payable at the University office (yearly)
  • To get Admission in One – Two Weeks
  • To get Visa letter / JW202 form, the processing time is 4 to 6 weeks
  • Only F.Sc Pre-Medical Qualified Students Can Apply for MBBS in China
  • To get admission to any University in China passport is not necessary but you must arrange it ASAP.
  • A University representative will be available to receive the student at the Airport
  • A passport is necessary to get a visa letter from China ( must be ready within the month of the admission process)

MBBS in China Recommended Universities for Pakistani Students

  • A common question is asked by prospective medical students and their parents prior to joining any medical university to decide One-of-the-Best choices.
  • In Usual practice, every student counselor advises any specific university to join MBBS & BDS in China, even sometimes Only to choose, but at this point, there is a very sensitive and important issue occurs that’s about to decide one’s future and is no way to lead it to Only-One-Choice.
  • We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., offer our services based on experience since the 1990s, which leads to offering you a variety of different well-experienced medical universities for prospective MBBS & BDS students in China.
  • Every year we review and update our priority list to choose the best medical universities in different regions of China that are compatible with the Pakistani potential students’ needs, like best studies, climate, halal food, living, and suitable environment, especially for girls.
  • We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., categorize the Recommended medical Chinese universities to choose MBBS & BDS for Pakistani students in three ways ;
    • For Fee-Conscious, seeking Only Low cost but Best in studies
    • For Quality-Conscious, seeking Only the Best among the Average Cost
    • For Best-Experienced in studies, among them all
  • We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., publish recommended medical Chinese universities with our special codes like NICE-1301, and NICE-1302,… NICE offers experienced-based services at a very low cost, which can be acquired by contacting us at your earliest priority.
  • ” Unfortunately, in a Usual manner, prospective doctors during a search of their potential medical studies, want Experienced-Based Information at Cost from any Student Counselor, but after qualifying MBBS / BDS they need a heavy amount just to Consult ..”. We straightforwardly refuse any type of free services as well as consultation
  • Hopefully, students and their parents must ‘Hire-at-Counseling-Fee’ of their choice to get the best services for prospective medical studies in China.
  • We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. Est. Since 1991, offering our services at a very reasonable cost.
  • We at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., based in Lahore-Pakistan, charge only our consultancy charges while the university fee is payable upon arrival in China at the university office. To pay our consultancy changes, you can have any of your convenient ways like visiting our office in Lahore, by Bank-to-Bank, Mobicash, Payoneer, or Skrill or we can arrange our services at your place at extra cost.

MBBS in China Admission Cost & Process (Step-By-Step)

  • You’ll have to Register with NICE to process your Admission.
  • Send the scanned copies of Matric/SSC/O-Levels/ Marks sheet/Certificate by email / WhatsApp
  • Send the scanned copies of Inter/F.Sc / A-levels Marks Sheet/ Certificate by email / WhatsApp
  • After receiving Consultancy Changes we’ll provide you a list of the recommended medical Chinese best universities to choose from three of them, whereas we arrange admission mini in two of them, while you may process to any One.

You’ll get an Admission Confirmation Letter in one -to – two weeks from the prospective Govt. Chinese Medical University.


  1. After getting the admission acceptance/ letter we process your visa letter (JW202) from the Ministry of Education China (MOE).
  2. This process can take 3 weeks in usual practice.
  3. We require further documents for to apply JW202, And a checklist will be sent to you along with your admission letter.


  • After receiving the JW202 (original letter), you’ll have to appear at Chinese Embassy in Islamabad or Karachi to get your eatery clearance for China as a student.
  • We’ll guide and help you to complete all the processes.
  • This process will take usually one week to accomplish.


  • After getting a China Student Visa stamp on your passport, you’ll have to be ready to go to your prospective university in China.
  • You’ll have to get Tick to fly for your studies in China (approximately cost Rs.70,000/-).
  • If you going with a group of our students will provide you with all the students’ contacts to coordinate.
  • The University representative will be ready to pick you up at the airport and take you to the university.
  • He’ll also help you to arrange your hostel and with all other matters.

Payments Information

  1. You can pay by visiting our Pakistan office or by Bank-to-Bank, Omni, Mobicash, EasyPesa, Payoneer, and Skrill.
  2. You can pay by Mobicash account (03004700092)
  3. Contact to get Bank Details for Online Payments.

Some Other Features

  1. We’ll recommend you the best Medical University for your prospective studies after receiving the application fee.
  2. Admission will be arranged in one-to-two weeks.
  3. Visa letter JW202 will be arranged in 4-6 weeks.
  4. The University fee is payable at the university office on arrival.
  5. Send your academics/education docs scanned copies at
    1. [email protected]
    2. [email protected]
  6. We have few seats to admit the students while receiving a lot of applications to get admission.
  7. Don’t Daley: Apply in Time and Reach Time at your prospective medical university in China.
  8. We have only ONE Admission Office located in Lahore, NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., working Since 1991.

The admission process for MBBS in China has started, You must send your educational documents immediately to find a place in the MBBS from China at a University of your choice.

How to calculate the entire cost of studies and other expenses during MBBS in China?

  • Studies Cost (Inclusive all followings)
    • Tuition fee, Hostel Fee
    • Visa Extension, Medical Insurances, and Temp Residence expenses
    • All above expenses are included in 1st year & yearly fees
  • Air Ticket ( One-Way; Pakistan-To-China) Approx Rs. 55000/- to Rs. 65000/-
  • Food /Catering Expenses (Monthly) Approx Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 12,000/-
  • Books Cost (It is better to buy republished books from Pakistan which are at a very low cost)
  • Visa expenses and Admission Expenses

Rated & Listed Universities for Admission MBBS in China Send your documents for assessment to get admitted to any Rated & Listed University in China for MBBS; email: [email protected]

  • Sichuan University (West Medical Centre)
  • Guangzhou Medical University
  • Kunming Medical University
  • Harbin Medical University
  • Jinzhou Medical University
  • Zhengzhou University
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University
  • Hebei Medical University
  • Chengdu Medical University
  • China Medical University
  • Dalian Medical University
  • Chongqing Medical University
  • Jinzhou Medical University
  • Jiangsu University

Low-Cost Universities for Admission MBBS in China

  • Hebei North University
  • Hainan Medical University
  • NICE – 1306
  • NICE – 1307
  • NICE – 1308
  • NICE – 1309
  • NICE – 1310
Remember that you will have to keep a minimum of 60% marks in only F.Sc (Pre-Medical) to study MBBS in China, there is no other way. This is because all the Chinese medical Universities’ degrees are recognized here in Pakistan, but to go to practice as a Doctor, you’re required to qualify PMDC exam and their criteria is mini 60% mark in the F.Sc (Pre-Medical).

There is NOT ANY Chinese university that is exempted from the PMC exam, all students who qualify for MBBS from any Chinese university will have to appear in the PMDC Exam to get a Practice License to be a Doctor in Pakistan. Before joining any Chinese university you may apply for NOC from PMDC

March intake/Classes: Sep intake/Classes: Opened Now


MBBS in China (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), always has been a dream of potential students around the globe. China is the best destination among prospective students and is growing rapidly. Students around the world like to join Chinese universities to fulfill their studies.

For international students, the programs field taught in English is getting more and more wide, like Study MBBS IN CHINA (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), BDS IN CHINA (Bachelor of Dentistry Surgery), and programs for Master degree of Medicine, Master Degree of Dentistry in English are also available China, a country that is the factory to the world, In 2020 China is expected to be the superpower of the world.

Shanghai in China today is no lesser than New York, as they are so developed. Global prospective students who are willing to acquire a bachelor’s degree in medicine find the best destination in China to get an MBBS in CHINA.



Even MBBS IN CHINA is the best, but MBBS OR Bachelor of Medicine, or Bachelor of Surgery, are the two first professional degrees awarded upon graduation from medical school in medicine and surgery by universities in various countries that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom.

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2012 The naming suggests two separate degrees, but they are typically awarded together. In numerous countries, including the UK, Australia, and many others, the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are commonly awarded as a single qualification.

These degrees are awarded in various forms across a wide range of countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Fiji, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Ireland, Jamaica, and more.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that pursuing a medical education, such as MBBS in China, is often a popular choice for international students due to the quality of education offered and the opportunities it presents.



MBBS in ChinaMBBS IN CHINA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS; Worldwide Undergraduate Degree Program

In many countries, medical degrees are granted after a five or six-year undergraduate program.

Sometimes, graduates from other fields can enter shorter graduate-entry medical courses, taking into account their prior learning.

In certain instances, traditional first-year science courses in physics, chemistry, and biology for six-year degrees have been replaced with school examinations as prerequisites for entry.

However, in most nations, a recent Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery graduate must complete a specified internship before gaining full medical practitioner qualification.

Regarding education, pursuing an MBBS in China offers a curriculum similar to global medical standards.


MBBS in ChinaMBBS IN CHINA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS; Historical Bachelor of Medicine Degrees

Historically, institutions in the United States and Canada, such as Pennsylvania, Harvard, Toronto, Maryland, and Columbia, conferred the Bachelor of Medicine degree. Many early North American medical schools were founded by physicians and surgeons trained in England and Scotland.

In England, university medical education typically culminated with the Bachelor of Medicine qualification, while in Scotland, it was the Doctor of Medicine degree. However, in the mid-19th century, regulatory bodies in both Scotland and England mandated that medical practitioners hold both Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees.

During the 1800s, North American medical schools transitioned to the Scottish tradition and began awarding the Doctor of Medicine degree, with King’s College (now Columbia University) in New York being one of the first to do so.

In recent times, the field of medical education, including MBBS in China, has been experiencing rapid growth and development.


MBBS in ChinaMBBS IN CHINA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS; Among the Worldwide Countries

MBBS IN CHINA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTSIn countries granting bachelor’s degrees in medicine, a Doctor of Medicine typically signifies a higher doctorate holder. This title is reserved for medical practitioners who engage in research and present a medical thesis. Nevertheless, those with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are commonly addressed as “Doctor” and use the prefix “Dr.”

Medical degrees are distinct from other undergrad programs, as they are professional qualifications leading to specific careers. Unlike most undergrad degrees, like pharmacy or law, which are not career-specific, these degrees are often considered first professional degrees.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees are typically awarded as general qualifications, not honors degrees, and do not carry the same classification as other subjects.

Additionally, pursuing an MBBS in China can also lead to the title of “Doctor.”


MBBS in ChinaMBBS IN CHINA FOR PAKISTANI STUDENTS; Medicine Degree Program in the UK

Some institutions, like the University of Manchester and the University of Dundee, may award medical degrees with Honors (e.g., MB ChB (Hons)) or with Commendation for exceptional performance. However, such distinctions are rare.

Another option for students is to pursue an intercalated honors degree by studying one subject for an extra year. These additional degrees often carry titles like Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Medical Science (Medics), or Bachelor of Medical Biology (BMedBiol). In some universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin, Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees are also awarded.

In certain cases, medical students may earn an ordinary science degree alongside their medical qualification. For example, the University of Edinburgh used to award an ordinary BSc (MedSci) after the third year of its six-year medical course.

In Australia, the University of Melbourne offers an Arts Degree (BA) to medical students after two extra years of study. Similarly, Monash University provides the option of a Law degree (LLB), allowing students to become doctors or lawyers after completing their respective degrees.

A Bachelor of Medical Science is also a common option for those interested in studying MBBS in China.


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