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Bilingual Universities (NOT English BUT Chinese Mediums) offer 1st-year admission in the Chinese Language (view admission letter),  after qualifying Chinese language Program, you’ll be promoted to 2nd year and admitted to the Bachelor of Clinical Medicine (NOT MBBS) to study further. You can get admission to any Bilingual University in your own responsibility that in future university will teach you in either English or Chinese, and will conduct exams in either English or Chinese (Nanahcnag University has been an example of this issue).

Bilingual University | Jinggangshan University

Jinggangshan University (JGU) admissions are Opened for Fall 2023, JGU is NOT an English Medium University, but its a Bilingual University offering Bachelor of Clinical Medicnce (NOT MBBS); To  Apply admission for MBBS at Jinggangshan University. 1st Year Tuition fee 10000 RMB,   Send your documents to NICE Consultants , Get LOW COST 1st year Fee Package.


Jinggangshan University Introduction

Jinggangshan University (JGSU, simplified Chinese: 井冈山大学; traditional Chinese: 井岡山大學; pinyin: Jǐnggāngshān Dàxué) is in the Jinggangshan Mountains in Qingyuan District, Ji’an city of Jiangxi province in China.[1]

JGSU is jointly supported by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, paired with Tongji University, aJinggangshan University nd authorized by the Nanjing Military Region for the cultivation of military talents and cadres.

JGSU comprises 21 schools offering 75 undergraduate majors with modern language laboratories and computer centers covering around 170 hectares.[2]

Out of nearly 1600 academic staff, 129 are professors and 409 associate professors, of which 154 possess a doctoral degree, and 611 a master’s degree.

Jinggangshan University was ranked 1038 according to the 2015 World University Ranking. The Journal of Jinggangshan University is a monthly periodical published by JGSU that covers the fields of philosophy social sciences and natural sciences, each with its own editions.

Jinggangshan University History

Jinggangshan University was established in 1958 in Ji’an. Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong and his colleagues established the first rural base of the revolution in the Jinggangshan Mountains in 1927.[3] In 1963, JGSU was closed for five years due to poor economic conditions in China.

In 1978, to reinstate JGSU, the Branch of Jiangxi Normal University and the Jiangxi Medical University in Jinggangshan were joined together. In April 1982 and March 1993, they were renamed Jinggangshan Teacher’s College’ and ‘Jinggangshan Medical School”, respectively.

In March 2000, after approval by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (MOE), Jinggangshan Teacher’s College was renamed Jinggangshan University after merging with Ji’an Educational Institute.

In July 2003, approved once again by the MOE, Jinggangshan Normal University was renamed Jinggangshan University by joining Jinggangshan Medicine College and Jinggangshan Vocational Technical College.

Jinggangshan University Medical School

The Medical School of Jinggangshan University (Chinese: 井冈山大学医学院; pinyin: jǐng gāng shān dàxué yīxuéyuàn) possesses a Level 3A graded affiliated hospital, the Jinggangshan University Affiliated Hospital, which consists of 35 medical departments and sections with a capacity of 522 sick beds.

The medical school is listed in WHO, FAIMER, the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER), For INDIA, as well as the AVICENNA Directory for Medicine.

Jinggangshan University Enrollment Programs for Foreign Students (2023-24)

. Brief Introduction of Jinggangshan University

Jinggangshan University, founded in 1958, is an institution of higher education jointly supported by the Ministry of Education of P.R.C. and Jiangxi Provincial Government and paired-assisted by Tongji University (a top-notch university in China).

The university’s administrative authority at a higher level is the Jiangxi Provincial Education Department and its school-running level and category are fixed as a full-time comprehensive university.

With an area of 2440 mu, Jinggangshan University is composed of 15 teaching schools, covering 11 disciplines, including economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, agronomy, medicine, management, and art.

The university offers 80 undergraduate majors and one master’s program. Currently, it has more than 18,000 current full-time registered students including 532 foreign students from 31 countries.

. Enrollment Category, Majors, and Plan at Jinggangshan University

2.1 Undergraduate Programs:60 seats for MBBS; 60 seats for Civil Engineering

2.2 Non-degree Chinese Language Programs: Unlimited number.

. Length of Schooling at Jinggangshan University

3.1MBBS Undergraduate Program: With six years’ schooling length, this major adopts the 1+5 model, in which they focus on Chinese language study coupled with one or two basic medical courses in the first year.

Those who have passed the HSK(Level Three) examination (150 points or above) before the end of the first year in university can be transferred to the second year of study.

Those who fail to meet the requirements can choose to repeat or drop out. The longest schooling length for repeaters is not more than eight years.Jinggangshan-university

3.2 Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program: The length of schooling is four years. 3.3 Chinese Language Programs (non-degree): Spring Program and Autumn Program are available, either lasting for one month.

MBBS in China Program (Bachelor of Clinical Medicine) at Jinggangshan University (Bilingual)
Duration:- 5 Years Study + 1 Year Internship
Medium of Instruction:  Bilingual / English
Eligibility: F.Sc (Pre-medical) / Inter / 12 Grade / A-Levels
Criteria : mini 60% Marks in Inter
Enrollment: March/ September Intake,
Pakistani Students Admission Office : Cell: 03004700092 / 0355-6499998,
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Enrollment: Intake 2023
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Jinggangshan University MBBS Fee Structure 2023

YearTuition FeeHostel CostInsurance+ Visa Ext Medical
Reg+Dvlp FeeTotal Cost
1st Year10000 RMB4000 RMB800 +800 +500= 2100 RMBClick
2nd Year
19000 RMB
4000 RMB800 +800 +500= 2100 RMB25100 RMB
3rd Year
19000 RMB
4000 RMB800 +800 +500= 2100 RMB25100 RMB
4th Year
19000 RMB
4000 RMB800 +800 +500= 2100 RMB25100 RMB
5th Year
19000 RMB
4000 RMB800 +800 +500= 2100 RMB25100 RMB
6th Year
19000 RMB
4000 RMB800 +800 +500= 2100 RMB25100 RMB
The fee will be paid in Chinese currency, RMB.

Jinggangshan University Dormitory:-

Two students will share one room in the hostel. Students can do internships in China or in their home country.


A. Registration fee is one-time charged when freshmen enter school and that item of the fee is no longer charged from the second academic year.

B. If MBBS students return home country for an internship in their last year, their tuition fee is halved, and their accommodation is free of charge.

C. All freshmen shall purchase insurance before enrollment. Insurance fee varies from RMB 300 Yuan to RMB 800 Yuan for one year. The university will refuse to do registration for those who fail to buy insurance on time.

8.2 Scholarships at Jinggangshan University

Jinggangshan University is an executive institution of higher education for Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarships to recruit international students to China. In addition to the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarships, the university has also established an excellent International Student Scholarship at the university level in accordance with relevant provisions, to reward those who are excellent both in character and learning.

A. Any freshman who holds a Level Three certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK3) or above can obtain a scholarship when entering school, the amount of which varies from RMB 3000 Yuan to RMB 5000 Yuan by the certificate grade.

B. MBBS students can apply for a university-level scholarship each year during their study at our university. If they meet the requirements of the scholarship appraisal, they will receive a scholarship varying from RMB 2000 to 10000 Yuan.

C. Civil engineering freshmen who have paid the tuition and all the fees of the first year and get registered before the appraisal meeting of the provincial level scholarship (regularly happens in the last ten days of November), can obtain a provincial scholarship which amounts to RMB 20000 Yuan. Our university will divide the scholarship into two halves:

the first year of RMB 10000 Yuan and the second year of RMB 10000 Yuan. From the second year to the fourth year, civil engineering students can apply for a university-level scholarship ranging from RMB 2000 to 10000 Yuan each year.

MBBS in Jinggangshan University for Pakistani Students:-

  • As the country’s first private medical university, JGSU has for many odd years established the notion of benevolence and exerted all its strength for the development of advanced medical education and the cultivation of qualified medical workers.
  • Jinggangshan University is the first private medical university in China. In its 20-year history, it has committed to the education and cultivation of qualified medical workers for rural and remote areas adhering to its motto of “serve the country, save lives” and has made its due contribution to the development of China’s medical education in universities.
  • In its 20 years of history, the lavish concern, great trust, and high expectations from authorities have helped the university reap the fruits through hardship and difficult
  • Many batches of foreign students graduated as other national students.
  • More than 210 Foreign Students are already studying in the MBBS Program.
  • PG Program in Medical Subjects is running successfully at JGSU.
  • Course Duration is 5 years of MBBS (5) including a one-year Clinical Internship.
  • The language of Instruction is English under the supervision of Foreign & Chinese Teachers.
  • Muslim & Halal food is available for Muslim Students.
  • Competent, highly qualified staff & friendly environment for International Students.