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Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Medical University (GMU, Chinese: 广州医科大学), formerly known as Guangzhou Medical College, is a Chinese medical school located in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Medical University (GMU), is a medical institution that offers a full range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. GMU has two main campuses. The Yuexiu campus is located in the downtown center of Guangzhou City, near Liuhua Lake Park and Yuexiu Mountain. The Panyu Campus is a new 247-acre campus, situated in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City near the Pearl River, an ideal place for learning and research.

Guangzhou Medical UniversityApproximately 1,500 undergraduates and 550 postgraduates (master’s and doctors) enroll from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau each year. 23,300 students study full-time, including 10,000 undergraduates, 1,300 graduate students, and 12,000 continuing education students. International students: 218 full-time undergraduates are studying MBBS in English Medium, mostly from Pakistan, India, and Nepal. Rest are from Tanzania, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, France, Ghana, Cameroon, Comoros, United States, South Africa, Saint Vincent, Sudan, Uganda, Singapore, United Kingdom, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, and other 21 countries.

GMU proudly presents 21 schools: School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Public Health, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Stomatology, School of Nursing, GMU-GIBH Joint School of Life Sciences, Nanshan School, School of Mental Health, School of Pediatrics, School of Health Management, School of Marxism, School of International Education, School of General Practice & Continuing Education, Kingmed College of Laboratory Medicine, Graduate School, First Clinical School, Second Clinical School, Third Clinical School, Fifth Clinical School, Sixth Clinical School, The Clinical School of Guangzhou First People’s Hospital.

Guangzhou Medical UniversityGMU has 7 directly affiliated hospitals and 10 non-directly affiliated hospitals, specializing in respiratory diseases, neuropathy, cardiovascular diseases, gynecology and obstetrics, cancer, dental care, rehabilitation, minimally invasive surgery, primary care, and more.

Furthermore, GMU owns 21 research institutes and 1 national clinical medical center. In particular, The Sino-French Hoffmann Institute is a joint project with the 2011 Nobel Laureate Jules Hoffmann.

The clinical medicine discipline of GMU is ranked top 1% in the world for ESI rankings (Essential Science Indicators). GMU boasts 1 state key discipline and 9 state key clinical specialties and numerous provincial disciplines and specialties. Among Guangzhou Medical Universitythem, respiratory medicine ranks 1st and ranks 6th for thoracic surgery in China. GMU places great emphasis on attracting talented faculty from home and abroad to develop the University. GMU has a strong faculty led by Prof. Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The faculty is comprised of 115 supervisors for Ph.D. candidates, and 1044 supervisors for master students.

GMU attaches importance to training professionals with innovative and hands-on skills. The University aspires to provide quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs. GMU offers 20 full-time undergraduate programs: Clinical Medicine, TCM and Western Medicine, Medical Imaging, Anesthesiology, Rehabilitation Therapy, Stomatology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, Preventive Medicine, Applied Psychology, Clinical Pharmacy, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Health Administration, Marketing, Law, Food Quality and Safety.

In addition to its quality undergraduate programs, GMU offers excellent M.Sc. programs and Ph.D. programs. GMU also hosts a postdoctoral research station for clinical medicine. GMU started recruiting international students for the MBBS program (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in English in 2010. Today, we have enrolled 185 international students from 19 countries.

As a university with a global vision, GMU has carried out extensive collaborations in research, teaching, and training with renowned universities such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Strasbourg, University of Birmingham, University of Guangzhou Medical UniversityWolverhampton, University of Toronto, California State University Northridge, University of South Carolina, Harvard Medical School, San Francisco State University, Arkansas State University, Columbia University, Maryland University, Johns Hopkins University, Yonsei University College of Dentistry, National University of Singapore, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and Massey University, Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Taiwan University, Chung Shan Medical University, I-Shou University, Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, City University of Macau. A substantial number of experts from prestigious universities at home and abroad are engaged with the University as adjunct professors, distinguished professors, and visiting professors.

Guangzhou Medical UniversityFor six decades, Guangzhou Medical University has undertaken substantial progress in medical education, research, and health care. In the future, GMU will continue to advance the university by employing top faculty, developing quality disciplines, and delivering signature programs. GMU is committed to making greater efforts in education, scientific research, health care, and cultural legacy innovation for the future of China and the world.

Add: The Yuexiu Campus: No.195, Dongfeng Xi Road, Guangzhou, China, 510182

        The Panyu Campus: Xinzao Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, 511436

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» MBBS Programme in Guangzhou Medical University

Guangzhou Medical University (GMU) was one of the 45 medical schools which were qualified by MOE to recruit international MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) students in English medium in 2010. Now the university has enrolled over 280 international students from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tanzania, Bangladesh, China, and America, etc. The university has passed the assessment on the MBBS program hosted by MOE of China and has been authorized to admit international students under Chinese government scholarship in 2013.

Guangzhou Medical UniversityThis program aims at training international medical elites with a solid foundation of medical knowledge, superb clinical skills, and good professional qualities according to the Provisional Regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Education on quality control standards for undergraduate medical education (in English medium) of international students in China and the international standards for medical education. The program also pays attention to some special requirements of certain countries where the majority of the students are from.

·Course Duration
As per criteria established by MOE, China, the course duration for MBBS in English medium is 6 years which includes a one-year internship in the affiliated hospitals of GMU.

·Curriculum Guangzhou Medical University
Chinese culture courses: General Introduction to China, Chinese Language, etc.
Biomedical courses: Systematic Anatomy, Regional Anatomy, Cell Biology, Histology & Embryology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Medical Genetics, Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Human Parasitology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, etc.
Behavioral science, humanities & social sciences, and medical ethics courses: Medical Psychology, Medical Ethics, etc.
Prevention medicine courses: Epidemiology, Medical Statistics, Basic Nutrition, Diet Therapy, Community Medicine, etc.
Clinical medicine courses: Diagnostics, Radiodiagnosis, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Anesthetics, Oncology, Stomatology, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Contagious Disease/ Infectious Disease, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Venerology, Otolaryngology, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, etc.

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Guangzhou Medical University MBBS Fee Structure

YearTuition FeeHostel CostInsurance+ VisaReg+Dvlp FeeTotal Cost
1st Year included52000 RMB
2nd Year
30000 RMB
6000 RMB1200 RMB36000 RMB
3rd Year
30000 RMB
6000 RMB1200 RMB36000 RMB
4th Year
30000 RMB
6000 RMB1200 RMB36000 RMB
5th Year
30000 RMB
6000 RMB1200 RMB36000RMB
6th Year
30000 RMB
6000 RMB1200 RMB36000 RMB
The fee will be paid in Chines Currency, RMB.

Two students will share one room in the hostel. Students can do internships in China or in their home country.

·Fee Structure Guangzhou Medical University
Tuition Fee: RMB 30,000/annum
Textbooks: Actual charge
Hostel Fee: RMB 6000/annum
Residence Permit: RMB 800/ permit
Medical Insurance (at least including Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance and Hospitalization Medical Insurance): RMB 800/annum

·Service Charges

According to your country representative services, like arranging admission, JW/visa, and receiving at the airport, all types of assistance may be included in the 1st year expenses. 

Guangdong Provincial Scholarship for outstanding international students

·Admission requirements Guangzhou Medical University

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens, over the age of 18 and under 30, senior high school graduates or above, in good health, and qualified for university application.

Guangzhou Medical UniversityIf both parents or one of the parents of the applicant are Chinese citizens and reside in a foreign country, the applicant should have foreign nationality at birth and hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for at least 4 years. In addition, more than 2 years of actual residence in a foreign country has been recorded in the last 4 years (ending on April 30, 2021). The actual residence of more than 9 months in a year can be counted as one year, subject to the entry and exit signatures. For residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan who immigrated to foreign countries and are applying as international students, please refer to the requirements above.

Applicant’s language proficiency must meet the requirements. Applicants from non-English-speaking countries must reach a score above 70 in TOEFL (15 or above for each item) or 6.0 in IELTS (5.5 or above for each item); or provide other comparable certificates proving English proficiency. Applicants from English-speaking countries or receiving the last degree with instruction in English are exempt from submitting the English proficiency certificates, but the certificate of English medium issued by the school graduated from shall be provided.

·Documents Required
Senior high school transcript and certificate, Copy of valid passport, Application Form for International Students, Foreigner Physical Examination Form, Certificate of Language Proficiency (Applicants receiving the last degree with the instruction in English shall provide the certificate of English medium issued by the school graduated from), Financial Support Guarantee Statement.

·Application Dates and Procedures for Guangzhou Medical University
Application Dates: The application opens in early May to the end of October every year.

The application should submit all the documents required. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks after the application deadline to receive the notification of admission.

·Admission Date Guangzhou Medical University
The end of October every year. The specific time shall be subject to the date marked on the Admission Notice.

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