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North China University of Technology

North China University of Technology (simplified Chinese: 北方工业大学; traditional Chinese: 北方工業大學; pinyin: běifāng gōngyè dàxué) is a university in Shijingshan District, Western Beijing, People’s Republic of China. North China University of Technology has 10 colleges, 30 majors, 12 teaching and experimental centers, and 9 research and design institutes. Colleges were reformed in 2015.

NCUT (North China University of Technology) is located in the western part of Beijing City and situated at the foot of picturesque Xishan Hills with traffic facilities and pleasant environment. NCUT is founded in 1946 and in 1985 it was renamed North China University of Technology, which is a multi-disciplinary institution, taking Engineering as its main fields of study and instruction, combines Engineering and Science with Liberal Arts, Economy, Management and Law in its teaching and research programs. Ever since 1998, NCUT was funded by Central Government and Beijing Municipal Government and began to run mainly North China University of Technology under the administration of Beijing Municipal Government. At present, NCUT has a population of 11 thousands more students altogether, including the full-time undergraduate students and postgraduate students, besides, it has more than 4000 students in Adult Higher Education.
NCUT enrolls its students from all parts of the country, in the past 10 years, the enrollment score of NCUT was higher than that for key-universities in more than two-thirds of all the provinces, such as Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Jiangxi and so on.

Since 2006, four undergraduate professionals, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation participated in the first group of enrollment in Beijing.

It mainly consists of nine colleges: College of Mechanical Electronical and Engineering, College of Information Engineering, College of Economics and Business Administration, College of Architecture, College of Science, College of Humanities and Law, College of Art and College of Continuing Education. North China University of Technology Currently, there are 3 authorized specialties for second-class second bachelor’s degree and 25 undergraduate specialties: Automation、Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Microelectronics, Digital Media Arts, Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Science, Statistics, Business Management, Project Management, Accounting, International Economy and Trade, English, Japanese, Law, Chinese Language and Literature, Art Design, Industrial Design, Advertising.
There are 22 professions for postgraduates: Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Power Electronics and Electric Drive System, Circuits and Systems, Test Techniques and Automation Devices, Signal and Information Processing, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology, Quantitative Economics, Business Management, Accounting, Structural Engineering, Architectural Design and Theory, Geotechnical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Theory of Law, Economic Law, Civil Law, Art Design, Ideological and Political Education. And it is eligible to recruit postgraduates of Engineering.

NCUT is targeted at nurturing senior application-oriented professional talents to meet the needs of social development, the school authority attributes much importance to the development of innovative quality and ability of application of students, and strives to meet the requirements of better basic knowledge, excellent practice and outstanding comprehensive qualities by fully exposing students to integrity education, physical education and aesthetic education.

At present, there are about 1000 teachers in the school, of whom in charge with high academic titles account for 46.97%, teachers holding Ph.D. and Master’s degrees account for 15.20% and 55.75% respectively, the young faculty under the age of 35 holding Ph.D. and Master’s degrees, for 81.78%.
NCUT has made very brilliant sports results. Since 1998, Student Baseball Team of NCUT has won four national champions and one runner-up and ten champions in Beijing, on behalf of the school, the team has paid visits to Japan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. In addition, School Softball Team, Boy Basketball Team, Boy Volleyball Team, and Girl Table Tennis Team also once won the third place in national or Beijing municipal competitions for many times.

NCUT now is one of the members of the presidium of Chinese University Sports Association of Baseball and Softball Branch, and eligible to recruit high-level athletes.

(Reference : Wikipedia/ NCUT Website)

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