Here is an example that will help you understand how trial balance is prepared and how to understand the accuracy of the result. Last but not the least, the trial balance plays a role in discerning and projecting a company’s social and ecological impact. By providing a comprehensive view of all financial activities, it can help a company scrutinize whether its expenses and investments align with its pro-environment and socially responsible sentiments. Definitive evidence of financial commitment to environmental sustainability measures and socially responsible practices can, thus, be reflected through a precise trial balance. Moreover, employing highly skilled and experienced accountants and bookkeepers helps exponentially. They have the ability to identify errors and rectify them before they escalate into larger problems.

Learn more about what a trial balance is, which error types a trial balance may not help you find,  and the types of trial balance reports to use before closing the books each month to prepare financial statements. As you can see, the report has a heading trial balance that identifies the company, report name, and date that it was created. The accounts are listed on the left with the balances under the debit and credit columns. The key difference between a trial balance and a balance sheet is one of scope.

What is a Trial Balance?

As such, even though automated tools can significantly lessen the workload, it is unwise to completely depend on them without a secondary layer of verification. Meanwhile, income and expenses are critical to assessing the company’s profitability. A successful business is expected to bring in more income than expenses, resulting in a net profit. If expenses exceed income, the result is a net loss, which could indicate a need for strategic changes.

After preparing your trial balance this month, you discover that it does not balance. Ensure that any modifications will result in correct financial statements after an accounting period by providing accurate WTB. As part of your review process, ensure that all trial balance accounts are posted to the general ledger.