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Nanchang University (NU) admissions are Opened for Fall 2023, NU is NOT an English Medium University, but its a Chinese Medium University offering Bachelor of Clinical Medicnce (NOT MBBS); To  Apply admission for MBBS at Nanchang Medical University. 1st Year Tuition fee 10000 RMB,   Send your documents to NICE Consultants , Get LOW COST 1st year Fee Package.

MBBS in China Fee Structure for Pakistani Students

  • English Medium (MOE Listed)  Universities in China are costing around PKR 11 – 15 Lakh yearly, inclusive of tuition fees and hostel, which is Approx. PKR 90 Lakh for a six-year program (including internship) – [English Medium, MOE Listed are Recommeneded]

Sichuan University

Top Ranked#5, English Medium, Cost 44000 RMB (PKR 17 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Kunming Medical University

English Medium, Cost 39000 RMB (PKR 15 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Guangzhou Medical University

English Medium, Cost 36000 RMB (PKR 13.9 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

  • Bilinguals (NON-MOE / Chinses Medium) Universities in China are costing MBBS around PKR 8 – 10 Lakh yearly, inclusive of tuition fees and hostel, which is Approx. PKR 60 Lakh for the whole 6 years. [Bilinguals/Chinese Mediums are NOT Recommended]

Hebei North University

Bilingual, 1st year: HSK3, Cost 21500 RMB (PKR 8 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Hubei Polytechnic University

BilingualHSK: Last Year, Cost 18000 RMB (PKR 6.5 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Hubei University of Arts and Science

Bilingual, HSK4 in 1st year, Cost 20000 RMB (PKR 7.5 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students Admissions are Opened in the Recommended Govt. Medical Universities in China at Guangzhou Medical University, Sichuan University (West), and Kunming Medical University, for 2023. These are the ranked and Best English Medium Universities in China. All are PMC Listed-A and MOE Listed. Apply for MBBS in Medical Universities in China, under NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

Nanchang University (NCU; Chinese: 南昌大学) is a public research university located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. NCU has also been recognized as a National Key University the nation. Based on the new plan initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2017, NCU has been listed as one of nearly 140 Double First Class Universities in mainland China.

NCU is the first and the only one in Jiangxi Province that has been sponsored by both former Project 211 (1995-2015) and the Double First Class University Plan (2015-present) of the Ministry of Education.

Nanchang University admission Opened for  2023, Apply at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., for MBBS admission in Nanchang University, Tuition Fee of 20000 RMB Yearly,  Click

Nanchang University is a renowned institution of higher learning located in the beautiful city of Nanchang, China. The university is known for its quality education and exceptional faculty, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.

One of the most popular programs offered at Nanchang University is the MBBS program. This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences, as well as practical skills and clinical experience.

Overall, Nanchang University’s MBBS program is a top choice for students looking to pursue a career in medicine. With its exceptional faculty, practical experience, and state-of-the-art facilities, it is no surprise that the program is highly sought after by students from all over the world.

If you are looking to pursue a career in medicine, Nanchang University’s MBBS program is definitely worth considering.

Nanchang University

Nanchang Medical University | MBBS Admission | MBBS Fee Structure 2023

Apply for NOT MBBS Admission at Nanchang University

The MBBS [Bachelor of  Clinical Medicine, offered in Chinese Medium NOT in English] program at Nanchang University is a six-year undergraduate program that combines basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, and medical humanities. The program is taught in English, and it is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and clinical experience necessary to become competent and compassionate medical professionals.

The curriculum of the program is divided into two phases. The first phase (years 1-3) covers the basic medical sciences, including anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, and microbiology. In the second phase (years 4-6), students receive clinical training in various medical specialties, including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, and others.

The clinical training takes place in affiliated hospitals, where students work alongside experienced medical professionals to gain hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating patients. The program also includes a one-year internship, which provides students with the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and skills in a real-world clinical setting.

In addition to the academic curriculum, Nanchang University’s MBBS program also emphasizes the importance of medical ethics and professionalism, and it encourages students to participate in community service and outreach programs.

The university has modern facilities and a supportive learning environment that enables students to excel academically and professionally. The tuition fees for the program are reasonable, and the university also offers scholarships and other financial aid options to eligible students.

Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree, which is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many medical councils and organizations around the world.

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Apply for Bachelor of Clinical Medicine (Chinese Medium)

NOT MBBS ( Nanchang University China)

Program: Bachelor of Clinical;   Teaching Language: Chinese /English

Nanchang UniversityInformation
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Nanchang University MBBS Fee Structure 2022 ( Tuition & Hostel)26,350 RMB / Yearly
Nanchang University Admission 2022
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Nanchang University | MBBS Admissions | MBBS Fee Structure 2023


  • Nanchang University is W.H.O Recognized and approved by PMC, PMC Listed-A, and the Provincial Government University of China.

  • Nanchang University offers (performance-based) Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS) Scholarships during studies every year to High marks keeping students from different nationalities.

  • Nanchang University offers a Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS) Program in Chinese Medium ( according to its admission notice which shows “taught in Chinese”), but from 2nd year may teach in English (subject to university policy whether turn back to Chinese medium or continue same).

  • Nanchang University Graduates are eligible to apply for PMC (Pakistan) USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), AMC (Australia) & ECFMG Certifications as well.

  • Many Foreign batches already graduated from universities in Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS) Programs with more than 200 Students and more than 100 Pakistani Students ( Boys & girls ) Studying in Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS) Programs.

  • Nanchang University has many affiliated Hospitals.

  • Nanchang University Started the Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS) Project for Foreign Students in 2013.

  • Halal Food is Easily Available at Nanchang University.

  • Pleasant weather.

  • Qualified Teaching Faculty.

  • Hostels are excellently furnished and well-equipped for international students.

Nanchang University FAQ:

Nanchang University is neither English Medium nor  MOE Listed, but it is Bilingual, which required an HSK4 level of Chinese Language in 1st year. Then from 2nd year onward, Medicine classes are in English.

Yes, of course, Nanchang University is recognized by PMDC. The Nanchang University is PMC Listed A.

Nanchang University Offers a Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS).

Yes, of course, Nanchang University is recognized by WHO.

Yes, it’s mandatory to Qualify for HSK4 in 1st year, otherwise, students can’t join 2nd-year medicine classes.

Yes, of course, Nanchang University admissions are open for March/ Spring 2023. To get admission and secure your seat, You’ll have to submit documents at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., in Pakistan as soon as possible.

Yes, of course, Nanchang University is PMC Listed A; and recognized and approved by PMDC by their letter in April 2022.

The tuition fee of Hainan Medical University is 20,500 RMB/Year or $3000/Year. The Hainan Medical University is offering an MBBS degree program in 6 years which includes 5 years of Medical Study and One year of Internship.

Yes, of course, Nanchang University is offering Local Govt. performance-based to international Bachelor of  Medicine (NOT MBBS) students.

The dormitory/ Hostel is costing   4200 RMB yearly per 3-Sharing. Boy’s and girls’ hostels are separate. The Scholarship students can stay in the hostels free of cost.

  Apply for MBBS Admission at Hainan Medical University: Contact University Representative +92-300-4700092 | +92-355-6499998 | WhatsApp | Online Form

Apply for Online MBBS Admission to Nanchang University:

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Nanchang University Admissions 2023:

Nanchang is PMC Green listed, Admissions opened for Bachelor of Medicine, Sep/March intakes, must ready your documents and apply as soon as possible;

Nanchang University Bachelor of Clinical Medcine Fee Structure 2022

YearTuition FeeHostel CostInsurance+ VisaReg+Dvlp FeeTotal Cost
1st Year
 – – –Click
2nd Year
20000 RMB
4600 RMB1750 RMB26350 RMB
3rd Year
20000 RMB
4600 RMB1750 RMB26350 RMB
4th Year
20000 RMB
4600 RMB1750 RMB26350 RMB
5th Year
20000 RMB
4600 RMB1750 RMB26350 RMB
6th Year
20000 RMB
4600 RMB1750 RMB26350 RMB
The fee will be paid in Chinese currency, RMB.

N O T E:

  • Two/Three students will share one room in the hostel.
  • Students can do internships in China or in their home country.
  • The entire fee must be paid in RMB. The fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Students will have to follow the rules and regulations of Hainan Medical University.
  • Students will have to pay for Books, stationery, Electricity Charges, and air ticket to Hainan, Haikou.
  • Food expenses are approx. 800 RMB to 1000 RMB/Month.
  • Pakistani students will have to follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical Commission(PMC) Policies.
  • Indian Students will have to follow the National Medical Commission (MCI) Policies.

Nanchang University For Pakistani Students:-

Overseas Students at Nanchang University, China

International Exchange College is one of the colleges of Nanchang University, which is a department of international cooperation projects and foreign students. The duties and tasks of the college are mainly included in the enrollment and management of all kinds of foreign students.

Under the charge of the International Exchange College of Nanchang University, there are more and more international students from different countries studying here. Until now, there are more than 770 international students studying and living here.

International students take part in school activities actively, which makes school life become more colorful and enhances communication between China and other countries.

Nanchang University earnestly promotes international exchange and cooperation. It has maintained stable exchanges and cooperative relationships with about 60 universities and institutions in over 30 countries and regions. Nanchang University plays a leading role in promoting regional culture and has made great efforts to push forward brand-culture construction and innovation.

Scholarships in Nanchang University, China for International Student

Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship

Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for international students is established by Jiangxi provincial government and the quota of the scholarship has already been distributed to each higher education institution accepting international students in Jiangxi province. This scholarship is for friendly, excellent international students whether he already studying in China or not, and covers doctorate degrees, master’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

1. Qualifications

(1). Master students: obtain the bachelor’s degree, two recommend letters from the professors or associated professors, and not be over 35 years old.

(2). Applicants should be foreigners with a foreign passport, be kind to China, and be in good health condition.

(3). Applicants applying to the school should abide by the law and regulations of the Chinese government, conforming to the admission requirements of the school with academic excellence and good moral character.

(4). Applicants having studied in the school should be outstanding in the grade or the class with good performance and with no behavior of violating China’s law and the school’s regulations.

(5). Applicants should not be holding scholarships of any other category at the same time.

2. Application Materials in Duplicate

(1). Application Form.

(2). Scan copy of the Notarized highest education diploma and transcript attained (scheduled graduation proof or official proof of student status).

(3). Scan a copy of the passport photo page.

(4). Scan a copy of the Health certificate.

(5). Recommendation letters.

(6). Study plan in China (for the freshmen).

Holidays – Nanchang University, China

Nanchang University respects the national legal holidays, Intentional students always have their winter and summer holidays. Within semesters holidays are arranged by the university. During the holiday students are may go to the place that they want or plan to go home. International students must respect the duration of holidays and must be at the University at the beginning of a semester.

The holidays are arranged in the following way:

January 1st: New Year’s Day—–3 Days

April 5th: Tomb-Sweeping Day—–3 Days

May 1st: International Labor Day —–3 Days

June 9th (Chinese lunar calendar): Dragon Boat Festival—–3 Days

Summer Holidays: About two months in July/August.

August 15th (Chinese lunar calendar): Mid-Autumn Festival—–3 Days

October 1st: Independence Day —– 7 Days

Winter Holidays and Spring Festival: About one month in February.

Division of Academic Year and Semester: 

One academic year covers two semesters

For September Intake:

First semester: September – mid of January

Second semester: March – mid of July

At the end of the Semester, there is an examination

For March intake:

First semester: March – mid of July

Second semester: September – mid of January

At the end of the Semester there is an examination

The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!

Accommodation at Nanchang University, China

Nanchang University Overseas Student Apartment can provide quiet, clean, and comfortable accommodation for overseas students. There are two kinds of a dormitory for options, single rooms and standard double rooms for international students. All these rooms are equipped with separate toilets, separate bathrooms, internet access, and an air conditioner.

In order to create a convenient living and studying environment for international students, there are also public kitchens, laundries, reading rooms, a gym, and a recreation room for activities and parties available for them. Overseas Student Apartment is a great place for them to make new friends and learn more about cultures from different countries.

Apply for MBBS Admission at Nanchang University: Contact the University Representative  at +92-300-4700092|, +92-355-6499998 | WhatsApp | Online Form