MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students| Partial & Fully  Funded Scholarship for MBBS in China 2024-2025

MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students; Fully Funded Scholarships for MBBS in China Online was available for Pakistani Students, but now its closed. Apply to affordable universities that also provide performance-based scholarships exclusively for top performers,every year. You may contact for MBBS in  Chinese universities under the best and most trustworthy consultancy firm in Pakistan,  NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

Applications are invited to apply for MBBS under partial & performance-based Scholarships in Government Medical Universities for 2024. It’s a pleasant moment to inform you that MBBS Admissions will open In CHINA for Pakistani students for MBBS Scholarships in 2024.

To get online details regarding MBBS Scholarships In China For Pakistani Students 2024 requirements, eligibility criteria, last date to apply, application procedure, how to apply, and other requirements here on this page.

MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students | Partial | Fully Funded MBBS Scholarships In China For Pakistani Students 2024 -2025

MBBS scholarships for Pakistani Students: You can get always up-to-date and valid information on this same website.

MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students | MBBS Study In China

As an international student, you can get an excellent education from any of the best Govt. medical universities in China. If you keep high marks in F.Sc Premedical, you’re eligible to get a place in the scholarship seat.

To avail of this opportunity, you can get the services of a renewed education consultant firm NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., which serving successfully since 1991 for Pakistani students.

Scholarships In China for MBBS: MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students

At the moment, NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., has recently announced the scholarship seats for Pakistani students, upcoming next intake, March 2024.

Candidates are advised to fully check their eligibility before applying for the running year as well. With this scholarship, successful students get a chance to MBBS from a Chinese university.

MBBS Scholarships in China for Pakistani Students Universities List 2023-2024

University NameScholarship Type
Zhejiang UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Shandong UniversityCGS; US
Jiangsu UniversityCGS; CLGS; US; ES
Chongqing Medical University CLGS
Xiamen UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Nantong UniversityCLGS
Fujian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Zhengzhou UniversityCGS; US
Liaoning Medical UniversityCGS
China Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
Dalian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
Wuhan UniversityCGS; US
Tongji UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Ningbo UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Fudan UniversityCGS; CLGS
Sichuan UniversityCGS
Kunming Medical UniversityCGS, CLGS
Harbin Medical UniversityCLGS, US
Beihua UniversityCGS, CLGS
Guangzhou Medical UniversityCGS, CLGS, US
  • US: University Scholarships (May including tuition fees, accommodation, living allowance, etc.)
  • CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship (Full scholarship)
  • CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship )
  • ES: Enterprise Scholarship (Established by enterprises in China or other countries)

MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students | China Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023 – 2024



Hainan Medical University MBBS Scholarships March 2024 intake ( Chinese Government Scholarships, Forms are available). This Scholarship is not free of cost, you’ll have to pay 1st semester cost for HSK3 and then Scholarship Seat cost to the Chinese Companies offering it. Required scanned copies of the following documents

  • All educational/ Academics ( F.Sc Premedical mini 80% Marks)
  • One Passport sized Photograph
  • Passport
  • Physical Examination form (Medical)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Two reference letters from the College ( ask for Sample)
  • Essay of purpose (Ask for Sample)
  • Interview (will be prepared before it will conducted, sample Questions are available )
  • Application Fee ( Either by Bank or Jazzcash , otherwise visit our admission office in Lahore ( NICE Consultants Pvt Ltd., )
  • You’ll have to pat a Service Charges to Chinese Company, who’ll serve and secure a scholarship seat .

must send all asked documents properly computer scanned copies by email at [email protected] or at WhatsApp Click;

MBBS scholarships for Pakistani Students 2024: There are a few seats available for Pakistani students, so don’t delay to apply, Just read the asked documents and submit them as soon as possible at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., While for the other universities offering the same scholarships.

You may go to the official website and submit the online application forms. Carefully fill up the application form. Must be attached all required documents must be submitted to the authorized department.

If you’re not eligible for a Scholarship for any reason better to join a Low-cost Bilingual university in China for a bachelor of Clinical Medicine“;

Hebei North University

Bilingual, 1st year: HSK3, Cost 21500 RMB (PKR 8 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Hubei Polytechnic University

BilingualHSK: Last Year, Cost 18000 RMB (PKR 6.5 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Hubei University of Arts and Science

Bilingual, HSK4 in 1st year, Cost 20000 RMB (PKR 7.5 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

If you afford to study in English Medium Universities offering MBBS Programs, then consider;

Sichuan University

Top Ranked#5, English Medium, Cost 44000 RMB (PKR 17 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Kunming Medical University

English Medium, Cost 39000 RMB (PKR 15 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp

Guangzhou Medical University

English Medium, Cost 36000 RMB (PKR 13.9 Lakh) Yearly, Apply.  +92-300-4700092  WhatsApp


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