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International School of Medicine (ISM)

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International School of Medicine ISM Kyrgyzstan, MBBS Fees 2020-2021 Admissions Opened ISM Kyrgyzstan

The International School of Medicine (ISM)

International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Admission 2020

International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek KyrgyzstanInternational School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstan MBBS/MD Admission intake 2020 has been started. Its offering MBBS English medium classes for 5 years . All the potential medical students seeking ISM Kyrgyzstan must ready your documents and Contact International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstanto apply as soon as possible at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., since 1991

International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, Introduction & History:

The International School of Medicine is a medical school in Kyrgyzstan established in 2003. It has 3 main campuses in total out of which 2 are in Bishkek and the third is in Cholpon-Ata City. Approximately 4500 students of different nationalities study at ISM. The ISM is registered and cooperates (our partners) with many leading international institutions: The World Health Organization (WHO), An International Association for Medical Education (AMEE), the Foundation for the Development of Medical Education and Science (FAIMER), Institute for International Medical Education (IIME)the PhD Program in Biomedicine and Health in the EU (ORPHEUS), and participates in several international programs. Currently, 14 research projects approved by the Academic Council are being implemented in the ISM. The projects of “Central Asian Network for Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental and Occupational Health” and “Strengthening the Network of Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental Health in Asia” were selected by the Erasmus Plus Project.

 International School of Medicine  Academics:

International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek KyrgyzstanBasic Medical Education — General Medicine(5 years of study) is for school graduates with 12 years of secondary school educational experience (mostly for British Commonwealth citizens). This program is implemented in English as the language of instruction.The program is implemented with the use of integration and modules based training technology and through the application of credit hours system.Post Graduate studies (residency program, 3 years) are conducted in a broad range of such clinical fields as: obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, pediatrics, therapeutics and other. ISM also offers postgraduate non-clinical training programs for the degrees of physician-laboratory assistant and Master of Public Health.

 International School of Medicine Medical Campuses:

International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek KyrgyzstanTraining of students is carried out at special facilities: the study of theoretical disciplines and the series of humanitarian disciplines is conducted at ISM headquarters. As far as medical and biological subjects they are taught in the morphological campus. Clinical disciplines and practical classes are held for students at specially organized academic centers operating at medical institutions of the country.

 International School of Medicine Clinical Settings:

ISM clinical chairs/departments are based in leading clinical settings and scientific research centers of the country, which makes it possible to organize effective clinical trai-ning and provide students with access to patients. ISM staff actively participates in treatment of patients and research at these organizations.The use of public hospitals and clinical settings for training of ISM students is conducted in accordance with the special resolution of the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz republic. Settings Ism has specialized research laboratories run mostly by ISM with its partner organizations. The clinical, biochemical, immunological, neurophysiological, bacteriological and radiological laboratories are currently in operation.

International School of Medicine Admission Requirements:

  • Essential requirements:
  • Completed intermediate education (12 years) equivalent to secondary education of the Kr 60 % rating scores
  • Admission fee
  • International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek KyrgyzstanPaying capacity Required documents (originals):
  • Certificate of completed intermediate education
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa
  • Medical reference — 086 form, (medical examination can be provided in the Medical Center of the ISM)
  • Application form
  • 10 photographs (3 × 4 cm) After your arrival to the ISM:
  • assistance in the registration term and visa extension is provided by the department for international Affairs (DIA), room ¹ 304;
  • visa term for international students is determined on the time of staying in the KR from 6 months to 1 year;
  • deadlines for handing passports to the DIA are 30 days before visa expiration date

Deadline for Application

  • Fall semester — Until 5th October
  • Spring semester — Until 5th February
  • Postgraduate studies — during academic year
  • Ph.d studies — during academic year

International Students :

The ISM offers several degree programs. In this educational endeavor, we seek students who reflect the school’s vision and mission. The main goal of our school is to prepare students to function as professionals in all areas of clinical interest. In particular, we believe that upon completion, our alumni will practice evidence-based medicine, advocate for their patients, and serve their community.

Located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, International School of Medicine as a division of the International University of Kyrgyzstan offers students a wide range of opportunities to pursue their studies and enhance their medical education. Our faculty members are national and some of them worldwide recognized specialists in different areas of medicine, professional health organizations and agencies. Diverse partnerships with many institutions in our nation’s capital along with faculty members enable current students discover the ability how to treat their future patients using the most cutting-edge tools and techniques

With an average of 400 applications annually, our reInternational School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstan studentsview process is focused on assessing each applicant’s depth and breadth of  proficiency in science, the quantity and quality of their previous achievements, and other unique characteristics.

The Admission Committee seeks  responsible, mature, and ethical applicants who are passionate about medicine and understand that the role of a doctor is a lifelong experience and challenge.

We understand that the decision to pursue career in medicine is not to be taken lightly. The intensity of the educational process requires substantial support from family, friends, faculty and many others. We strongly believe that every applicant needs to make sure he/she is well aware of  his/her potential before applying.

The admissions section of our website provides additional information regarding experience prerequisites, where and how to apply, and what you should expect if invited.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan;

  1. Medicine study in Kyrgyzstan is MD , not MBBS, but its equivalent MBBS.
  2. MD/ MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is taught in English Medium.
  3. All Government Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan are approved by PMDC, while NEB exam is mandatory.
  4. All Government Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan are approved by Medical Council of India. This makes them eligible to apInternational School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstanpear for MCI Screening Test and work as a Doctor in India.
  5. Most of the Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan offer PMDC & MCI coaching classes.
  6. Government Universities in Kyrgyzstan offer scholarships to top performers and International students including Indians are eligible to apply for the same.
  7. There is no entrance test for MD/MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan. Admission is direct based on Class 12 result.
  8. Indian Banks & Finance companies readily give education loan to students as these are Government Universities with good rankings.
  9. The classes are conducted in small batches of 12–15 students in each batch and this ensures that every student gets personal attention from the Professors & Lecturers.
  10. Every Government University has 10–15 affiliated hospitals – some of them being state of the art specialized hospitals and students get a good exposure to to patients.
  11. All Government Universities in Kyrgyzstan are research based and home to many Scientists who are known for their research and their findings are regularly published in International Medical Journals.
  12. Medical degrees from Government Universities in Kyrgyzstan are globally recognized and it’s graduates are eligible to practice anywhere in the world including countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc. after clearing the local licensing exams and meeting the eligibility criteria.
  13. Indian students studying in Kyrgyzstan also get an opportunity to interact with Professors, Lecturer’s & Scientists from other countries who visit these Universities to participate in Medical Conferences & Seminars.
  14. Kyrgyzstan provides safe and secure environment for all students. The Kyrgyzstan people treat Pakistani & Indian students with respect and welcome them with open arms.
  15. The hostels are well equipped with all modern facilities to ensure student’s get a comfortable, neat, clean and a secure environment to stay and study peacefully.
  16. Almost all Government Universities have made available Halal, Indian food in their mess. They have specially hired Indian cooks so students get home type food.
  17. Many Pakistani students are studying MD/MBBS in Kyrgyzstan are allowed to celebrate all Islamic festivals, while all cultural activities are allowed to do independently. ,
  18. Nearly 5,000 to 7,000 Indian students are studying MBBS/MD there and all popular Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dusshera etc. are celebrated in the University campus – thus ensuring that the student’s do not loose touch with the culture & traditions while studying abroad.

International School of Medicine Fee Package 05 years MBBS/MD/BDS in ISM:

There are TEN Semesters in International School of Medicine Bishkek for MD Degree.

1. International School of Medicine (IUK-ISM)
1st Semester 3800$
2nd to 10th Semester 2000$ per Semester

1st Semester fee 3100$
2nd to 10th 1500$ per Semester

Miscellaneous Expenses: Student will have to pay for Residence Permit, Medical Check, Airport Pick up by themselves

How to Apply for MD/MBBS in IMU Kyrgyzstan ?

Necessary Documents for Admission Application;

  • Completed intermediate education (12 years), equivalent to secondary education of the KR;
  • Appropriate rating scores (varies by country of origin);
  • Admission fee (not returned in case of infringements );
  • Paying capacity.
  • Certificate of completed intermediate education;
  • Passport with appropriate entry visa;
  • Medical reference – 086 form, (medical examination can be provided in the ISM Medical Center);
  • Application form;
  • 10 photographs (3х4cm).

MBBS/MD in Kyrgyzstan Program at ISM- International School of Medicine
Duration:- 5 Years Study
Medium of Instruction: English
Eligibility: F.Sc (Pre-medical) / Inter / 12 Grade / A-Levels
Enrollment: Fall Intake
Pakistani Students Admission Office : Cell: 03004700092 / 042-36370566,
Apply For Admission Contact WhatsApp Help : Click
Enrollment: 2020
International Students : Click

International School of Medicine ISM Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Facts:

  1. Lowest & affordable fee schedule for 05 years MD/ MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.International School of Medicine (ISM) Bishkek Kyrgyzstan students
  2. More than 3000 foreign students from different nationalities (Pakistan, India, Nepal & others) are studying MBBS & MD.
  3. Many Female students are also studying in IMU Kyrgyzstan for MBBS/MD study in Secure environment.
  4. MD/MBBS’s Course Duration is 05 years including 1 year of Clinical Internship (4+1).
  5. International Medical College Kyrgyzstan have 03 affiliated hospitals.
  6. The degree is accordance to PM&DC/WHO/MCI guidelines & degree is equivalent to Medical graduates of WHO.

Facts about MBBS Admission in International School of Medicine ISM Bishkek Kyrgyzstan:

  • Student will pay Embassy Fee or on arrival visa at Bishkek airport approx 60 U$D to 110 U$D by themselves.
  • Student will pay the First Semester Fee on arrival in U$D. Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Student will pay for Stationary Charges & One way air ticket to Bishkek .
  • Food Expenses in Kyrgyzstan is normally from 50 U$D to 100 U$D per month.
  • Student will pay the Residence Permit fee & insurance fee from 2nd year to onward by themselves.
  • Student will follow the policies & rules of College & Education Department of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Pakistani & Indian Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council & Indian Medical Council’s Policy Respectively.