Study in China May 2018 ,  New Polices, Chines Student Visa Refusal Ratio High

After inspection of Chines Universities by Ministry of Education (MOE) China, lots of  universities couldn’t able to offer MBBS to international students, and its refined now to start admission process, at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., all registered students will be informed and offered to process admissions in the eligible universities who serve for Pakistani Students.  Don’t get admission to any Chines Universities without knowing updated valid information to secure your feature. Don’t follow the Seasonal Consultants who just want business and having neither experience nor past about counseling profession. Also don’t trust just on Social Media Contacts/Friends/ Students who offer admission service, as in 2017 lot of students lost their future only due to this sort of no-professional approach. Every year Many prospective students for MBBS in China miss guided by students-consultants (prospective doctors) those studying in Chines universities, they try to convince the potential students only for one university where they are studying, whereas they hide the reality and minimize the perspectives & scope  for a variety of other institutions. NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., working since 1991, offering admission services for all best universities who offer MBBS program suitable for Pakistani students, and knows pros & cons of foreign studies specially study in China. Get served best by registering yourself at NICE, even you’re 2nd year student, you may contact by WhatsApp: 03004700092 , click