Study China Scholarship for Pakistani Students

Fully  Funded Scholarship Study in China 2023-2024

Study China Scholarships for Pakistani Students; Fully Funded Scholarships for different dciplains in bachelor and masters are available for Pakistani Students. Many students got admitted on scholarship bases in Govt. Chinese universities under the best and most trustworthy consultancy firm in Pakistan,  NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd.

Applications are invited to apply for Fully Funded Scholarships in Government Universities for 2023-2024. It’s a pleasant moment to inform you that MBBS Admissions will open In CHINA for Pakistani students for Partial and fully Funded  Scholarships in 2023.

To get online details regarding Scholarships In China For Pakistani Students 2024 requirements, eligibility criteria, last date to apply, application procedure, how to apply, and other requirements here on this page.

Study in China on Chinese government scholarships: These are often referred to as CGS or CSC Scholarships, is a prestigious opportunity extended to international students. Administered by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), these scholarships are specifically intended for students looking to pursue higher education at Chinese universities affiliated with CSC. The application process for CSC Scholarships typically commences between December and April each year, although it’s essential to be aware that application deadlines can vary significantly among different universities offering China Scholarships. Thus, prospective applicants should meticulously adhere to the CSC Scholarships online application system to secure their chance at this coveted opportunity.

Every year, a remarkable total of 274 Chinese universities extend their hands to offer scholarships to international students. A comprehensive list of these institutions is readily accessible in the download section, simplifying the process of exploring and choosing from a diverse range of educational opportunities. Furthermore, for those aspiring to study the Chinese language, there are abundant scholarships available for this purpose across various Chinese universities. The prospect of learning the Chinese language while availing yourself of a scholarship enhances the richness of the academic experience in China. Additionally, for students with a passion for medicine, many Chinese universities offer the opportunity to pursue an MBBS degree, further broadening the spectrum of educational possibilities in China.

MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students | Fully Funded MBBS Scholarships In China For Pakistani Students 2023 -2024

MBBS scholarships for Pakistani Students: You can get always up-to-date and valid information on this same website.

MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students | MBBS Study In China

As an international student, you can get an excellent education from any of the best Govt. medical universities in China. If you keep high marks in F.Sc Premedical, you’re eligible to get a place in the scholarship seat.

To avail of this opportunity, you can get the services of a renewed education consultant firm NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., which serving successfully since 1991 for Pakistani students.

Scholarships In China for MBBS: MBBS Scholarships for Pakistani Students

At the moment, NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., has recently announced the scholarship seats for Pakistani students, upcoming next intake, March 2024.

Candidates are advised to fully check their eligibility before applying for the running year as well. With this scholarship, successful students get a chance to MBBS from a Chinese university.

MBBS Scholarships in China for Pakistani Students Universities List 2023-2024

University NameScholarship Type
Zhejiang UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Shandong UniversityCGS; US
Jiangsu UniversityCGS; CLGS; US; ES
Chongqing Medical University CLGS
Xiamen UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Nantong UniversityCLGS
Fujian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Zhengzhou UniversityCGS; US
Liaoning Medical UniversityCGS
China Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
Dalian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
Wuhan UniversityCGS; US
Tongji UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Ningbo UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
Fudan UniversityCGS; CLGS
Sichuan UniversityCGS
Kunming Medical UniversityCGS, CLGS
Harbin Medical UniversityCLGS, US
Beihua UniversityCGS, CLGS
Guangzhou Medical UniversityCGS, CLGS, US
  • US: University Scholarships (May including tuition fees, accommodation, living allowance, etc.)
  • CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship (Full scholarship)
  • CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship )
  • ES: Enterprise Scholarship (Established by enterprises in China or other countries)

MBBS scholarships for Pakistani Students 2024: There are a few seats available for Pakistani students, so don’t delay to apply, Just read the asked documents and submit them as soon as possible at NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., While for the other universities offering the same scholarships.

You may go to the official website and submit the online application forms. Carefully fill up the application form. Must be attached all required documents must be submitted to the authorized department.

Pursuing higher education in China through MOFCOM Scholarships is made possible by the collaborative efforts of the China Scholarship Council and the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. This partnership serves a dual purpose in the world of international education. Firstly, these scholarships play a pivotal role in enhancing communication and collaboration between China and other nations. This diplomatic exchange goes beyond academic pursuits, fostering international understanding, and contributing to the promotion of global cooperation and mutual respect. It acts as a bridge connecting diverse cultures and ideas on a global stage.

Secondly, MOFCOM Scholarships hold a significant role in the development of talented individuals from developing countries. These scholarships provide deserving students with access to a high-quality education in China. This educational empowerment, in turn, equips scholarship recipients with the knowledge and skills needed to make substantial contributions to the development and progress of their home countries. By nurturing these talents, MOFCOM Scholarships effectively serve as catalysts for positive socioeconomic change, not only within the individual recipient’s life but also on a broader scale, benefiting their communities and nations

CSC Scholarship Results are typically announced by the end of July, in accordance with the China Scholarship Council’s (CSC China) policy. Successful candidates who receive these scholarships begin their academic journeys at Chinese universities starting in September.


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